Thursday, 26 March 2015

Presenting Euroscola for participants of the project Comenius

On the 12th of March, during the activities organised in the “Instituto Comprensivo 
A.Malfatti” in Contigliano (Italia) in the project Comenius, (our high school takes part in it) with the motto «Climate Change where I live. Modeling to understand and act. Another life is invented here», a group of students from IES THÁDER presented the activities they have done in the Euroscola competition in front of students from many european countries (Portugal, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, France, Czech Republic, Eslovakia and Estonia) The exposition was presented in English and French and its aim was to get teachers and students there to know the activities related to charity that are taking place in our high school. 

In this photo you can see some students from IES Tháder that are taking part in this year’s edition of the Euroscola competition, with the motto “our world, our dignity, our future” in Contigliano, Italy, participating in the project COMENIUS. 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

IES Tháder working together with "Fair Trade"

Fair Trade is an organized social movement whose stated goal is to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. Members of the movement advocate the payment of higher prices to exporters, as well as higher social and environmental standards.

We worked with The Fair Trade organisation several times.

First, with the colaboration of our teacher, who is an active volunteer of the Fair Trade shop in out town, we went to the local market in our town and spent the morning selling products from the F.T shop.

Then, in the medieval market also in our town, on the stand we sold products such as jewellery, food like chocolates, coffee and gifts. While some of us were taking care of the clients and the stand, others went around the streets giving pamphlets and telling people about the Fair Trade. We got a lot of money in the end.

We also put a stand in our high school, for a week. We raised €325.

Working with the volunteers and colaborating with the Fair Trade project in our town in general has been great, because it has made us aware of how unfair is the work situation in some countries, and we have learned that it costs nothing to help and make that change.

A box to help other people

A few weeks ago, we put a box at the entrance of our school. We intended to get clothes and food for needy people. Our colleagues helped bringing us many things. We left the box for two or three weeks and we had a good result. There weren't many volunteers but thanks to those who helped. You have shown us that there is still humanity in the world.